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The tee it up Reader
January-March, 2009

Keep It Classic
By: Larry Stewart

An April 2007 story in the Los Angeles Times struck a cord with Dan Bergman, a successful real estate attorney based in Woodland Hills.  The story, written by freelance writer Geoff Shackelford, son of former UCLA basketball great Lynn Shackelford, was about the deterioration of the Wilson and Harding municipal courses in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park.

The courses were designed in 1923 by legendary golf architect George Thomas, the same man behind Riviera, Bel-Air and the Los Angeles Country Club.  Shackelford complained that "various Parks and Recreation regimes have carved away at Thomas' design like a cadaver, making it impossible to believe that an architect of world-class designs set foot on this oncegrand 36-hope complex."

The words angered Bergman, and he decided to do something about it.  He began working on the creation of a nonprofit foundation, Keep It Classic, with the idea of raising money to restore and preserve some of the nation's historic city owned courses as well as promoting golf ethics to children.

He and the organization's vice president of operations, Elizabeth Langworthy, have since been working almost full-time on the project and they are making headway.  But there is a long road ahead.  The foundation has targeted 75 municipal courses throughout the country that could use a facelift, and he calculates that to do it right it could cost between $3 and $4 million to restore one course.  He has raised about $100,000 so far.

Bergman and Langworthy have recruited others to help with this vision, including recently obtaining PGA pro Duffy Waldorf as an advisor.  The plan is to select one or two courses at a time for restoration.  With a grant would come provisions aimed at ensuring that proper maintenance will be carried out to make sure the courses are preserved into the future.

Golf architects Forrest Richardson of Phoenix, Ariz., and Mark Fine of Allentown, Penn., co-authors of "Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards," have signed on to provide initial design analysis.  They're also working with Bill Kubly, chief executive of Landscapes Unlimited, one of the country's leading golf course construction firms.

It's an admirable undertaking and Bergman and his group face a difficult task; but like hitting an 8-iron over water and landing it next to the pin, the end result could be very rewarding.  For more information, go to www.keepitclassic.org—LS

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